Los pugs son los nuevos gatos

Los pugs son los nuevos gatos


One of Life’s Mysteries….

Hola soy de la UDD y me quiero ir pa la Uandes qué hago???

Cruce la calle.

:C igual no duermo hasta tarde, aunque ya no tenga clases

La profe y las ayudantes cuando les pregunte si por casualidad me eximía :C 

La profe y las ayudantes cuando les pregunte si por casualidad me eximía :C 


Hitler Pin Cushion, c. 1941 (via Retronaut)

“It’s good luck to find a pin. Here’s an Axis to stick it in!” -The Stick a Pin in Hitler Club, Chicago IL.


Richard Harrington: Life As It Was, published 1981 (via)


Located in the back of the Chiesa del Sacro Cuore del Suffragio on the banks of the Tiber, the tiny century-old Piccolo Museo Del Purgatorio, or “Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory,” holds a collection of bibles, prayer books, tabletops, and articles of clothing said to have been singed by the hands of souls in purgatory.

According to Catholic belief, the soul is stranded in purgatory until it atones for its sins, but can hasten its ascent to heaven through the prayers of loved ones still on earth. The scorched handprints and other burn-marks collected in this museum are believed to be the product of souls begging their earth-bound loved ones to pray harder. MORE.

Image 1: No description.

Image 2: Fiery finger prints by the deceased Joseph Schitz when he touched with his right hand the (German) prayer book of his brother George on 21 December 1838 at Sarralbe (Lorraine). The deceased man asked for prayer in expiation of his lack of piety during his life on earth.

Image 3: Marks left on a small wooden table and on the sleeve and chemise of the Venerable Mother Isabella Fornari, abbess of the Poor Clares of the Monastery of St. Francis in Todi. The four marks were left by the deceased Fr. Panzini, former Abbot Olivetano of Mantua, on the 1st November 1731.